Proposed building concept

We need your support

Our aging, inaccessible, and over-subscribed facility hinders our ability to serve the members of our community who benefit from our services.

Help us build a new foundation from which we can continue to ensure an enhanced quality of life for Kings County residents with intellectual or dual disabilities.

About Inclusions East

Established in 1976, Inclusions East is the largest organization supporting people with intellectual disabilities in eastern PEI. We provide Day Programming, Employment Resources, Community Support and Residential Services to our clients so that they can contribute to, and participate in, all aspects of community life.

Our headquarters, Kingswood Centre, was built in 1976. Each day, as many as 46 clients and staff collaborate in its kitchen, workshop, common area, and administration offices. From here we offer essential personal and vocational skill development, preemployment training, and supported employment assistance. Our clients also benefit tremendously from the friendships and sense of community fostered in the centre. 

Shortcomings in our current facility

We have long been aware of how shortcomings in our premises negatively impact our clients’ comfort, our staff’s ability to deliver the highest level of service and training, and our organization’s ability to address our waiting list, expand our programming, and strengthen our connection to the larger community of Montague and surrounding area.

Other Issues – Accessibility

For many years, multiple accessibility issues, entranceway barriers, inefficiently designed training areas, and deficient storage, parking and reception areas have proved problematic. Moreover, our current facility does not have anywhere near the capacity to house the over 60 clients and staff needed to allow us to fully address the demand for our services in the community.

Our Common Room serves as Lunch Room, Music Room, Computer Room, Staff Meeting Room and Group Activities Space.

The transformative benefits of a new facility

Serve more people who would benefit from our services

The increased size of our new facility will, among many other things, allow us to expand the capacity of our day programming by nearly 60%.

Provide our clients access to modern theraputic amenities

The inclusion of modern amenities we currently lack, such as a Snoezelen room (a therapeutic multi-sensory environment), client locker rooms, therapeutic bathing room, computer lab, music therapy space, and library, will revolutionize our organization’s ability to serve and comfort our clients. Properly designed and configured workshop and kitchen areas will give us the space and structure to make our training programs even more impactful.

Improved visibility for our clients in our community

A more appropriate location will give us much higher visibility in the community, improved access to walk up traffic for our coffee counter and bakery, a larger and safer parking area, space for far superior outdoor amenities, and plenty of room for future expansion.

Ultimately, our new facility will ensure our clients have easy and dignified access to the services they need to enable them to participate in the local labour market, to be included in the community large, and to be recognized as contributing members of society.

How you can help