Supporting people with intellectual or dual disabilities to ensure an enhanced quality of life, and inclusion in all aspects of community living.

We offer our clients day programming, residential services, community support, vocational training, and employment services.

Amil accompanies Zach to a family wedding.

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of supports to our clients.

Day Programming

At Kingswood Centre, we offer day programming, functional skills training, and vocational training in our kitchen and woodworking shop.

Employment Services

Our two Employment Services staff support our clients with obtaining and maintaining paid positions in the competitive labour market.

Residential Services

We offer a range of Residential Services via 18 units in four buildings. Units are staffed to a varying degree depending on the needs of our clients.

Community Support

Our Community Support staff assist our clients in attending community events, and participating in recreational activities.

Alternative Options

Alternative Options include further residential and community supports including the provincial Associate Families program.

We're fundraising to replace our training centre

Our aging and over-subscribed facility does not meet modern accessibility standards and does not have the space to meet our community's needs.