• Kingswood Centre provides training and support to people with an intellectual disability and was built in 1976 at 364 Campbell Ave.
  • Available programming and case planning works towards meeting the needs of the client and feel being involved in community is essential for all clients.
  • Administration and Employment Services, Montague are also located at this address.
  • Kingswood Centre Hours are Monday to Friday 8:30-3:30.
  • Current Kingswood Retail Outlet at the Down East Mall Monday –Friday 10:00-4:00 Saturday 10:00-2:00.


The Kingswood Centre Bakery/Catering provides essential employment preparation training to clients. Clients working in this program area are gaining hands-on skills in kitchen arts and are learning transferrable skills to future employment situations. Clients working in this section may also have part-time jobs in the Community and take great pride in producing a quality product. Customized orders are accepted and goods prepared are also for sale at the Kingswood Retail Outlet located at the Down East Mall. In addition to seasonal items such as jams, pickles, salsas; orders can also be placed for luncheon or special events. Bakery Supervisor is Johnanne Gaudet and can be reached at johnanne@inclusioneast.com or 902-838-2516 ext 1.


The Kingswood Centre Woodworking provides essential pre-employment training and skills development in the area of woodworking. Careful consideration is given in product development to allow for all clients to have the opportunity to work on some aspect of a project. Products reflecting the seasons are available but custom orders can be taken throughout the year. A variety of products also become available for sale at the Kingswood Retail Outlet. Workshop Supervisor is Brian Acorn and can be reached at workshop@inclusionseast.com or 902-838-2516 ext 2.

Functional Skill Development:

Personal development is the focus of this group and many skills and activities to engage and help clients grow and gaining independence. Clients participate in community placements, seasonal projects, recycling, wellness programs, and life enrichment activities. Products are tested and sold at the Retail Outlet. Staff are open to introducing new concepts and ideas that will help promote skill development, community awareness and growth. Staff can be reached at 902-838-2516 ext 3.