Bakery and Catering

The staff and clients who work in our kitchen pride themselves in the quality of their home-style baking and catering. Their products and have earned a reputation for high quality in our community.

Please see our product list below. We can fill special orders upon request. 

To place an order contact our Bakery Supervisor Johnanne Gaudet at or 902-838-2516 ext 1.

Bakery Price List

Cookies Oatmeal, Oatmeal w Raisins, Oatmeal w Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip, Molasses, Peanut Butter, Scotch, Sugar, M&M 4.75/dozen
Macaroons White, Chocolate, White w Cherries, White w Chocolate Chips 5.95/dozen
Squares Fudge, Date, Brownies, Buttertart, Lemon, Rocky Road, Raspberry, Pineapple, Tweed 5.95/dozen
Fancies Peanut Butter Balls, Cherry Balls, etc. Squares with ingredients such as Skor, Cream Cheese, Sweetened Condensed Milk, etc.) 6.95/dozen
Muffins Bran, Bran-Raisin, Carrot, Chocolate chip, Blueberry, Cranberry-Lemon 5.95/half-dozen
Cupcakes Chocolate, Vanilla, Rainbow 5.95/half-dozen
Sweet Breads Cinnamon, Lemon, Date-Nut, Cherry, Maple Walnut, Coconut, Cranberry-Orange 6.95 each
Tarts Cherry, Buttertart, Blueberry, Mincemeat, Coconut-Jam 5.95/half-dozen
Pies Blueberry, Pumpkin, Cherry, Coconut Cream, Apple, Lemon 8.95 each
Pecan Pie   9.95 each
Cinnamon Rolls   5.95/half-dozen
Dinner Rolls   4.75/dozen
Biscuits   4.75/dozen
Cheese Biscuits   4.95/dozen
Cake Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing 12.95 each
Sandwiches Chicken Salad, Egg, Ham and Cheese, Roast Beef 3.79/person
Cheese & Crackers Assorted varieties 3.79/person
Deluxe Cracker Tray Assorted varieties including cured meat 3.99/person
Vegetable Tray & Dip   3.79/person
Fruit Tray   4.35/person
Homemade Soup Chicken Vegetable and Beef Barley 5.35/person
Chili & Garlic Bread   6.85/person
Garden or Caesar Salad   3.79/person
Homemade Pickles, Jams & Salsa *When In Season – while supplies last 6.95 each

To place your order contact Johnanne at 902-838-2516 ext. 1 or