Housing Needs Survey

Dear Families and/or Care Givers:

Inclusions East, Inc. is a non-profit organization that provides comprehensive services including vocational training, community support, employment and residential services for people with an intellectual disability in southern Kings County, PEI.

In 2009, Inclusions East launched a Housing Needs Survey to gather data to assist in the long-term planning of Residential Services for Inclusions East. This was sent throughout Kings County to gain some insight into the wants and needs of our Community going forward into the future.

Using information gathered as well as service requests; we have been successful in expanding our Residential Services to now include 5 homes in the Montague area and have initiated the development of an Associate Family Program.

As we look to plan for the future; we are once again seeking data from the Community. In doing this we have developed the Housing Needs Survey 2017. Receiving the information from the Community we serve, is imperative in building the case for future development of services and seeking commitment from funders for these services.