1976 Kingswood Centre located in Montague was built and has provided a variety of programming over the years in order to provide training and support for people with intellectual disability including a bakery and woodworking shop. Kingswood Centre was operated as a non-profit charitable organization by a volunteer Board of Directors.
 1978 Southern Kings Group Home was built on MacIntyre Ave to provide a home-like atmosphere to adults with an intellectual disability. SKGH was also run by a volunteer Board of Directors.
 2001 An amalgamation took place at a Board level as their mandates were to provide services for people with an intellectual disability
 2003 A second location of supported living was developed
 2009 Inclusions East was developed and incorporated to allow for expansion to services as pat of strategic planning
 2010 Expansion of Employment Services to include all of Kings County with the opening of the Souris office
 2011 A Transition Apartment was built as an exterior addition to 412 MacIntyre Ave. to allow for semi-independent living arrangements
 2012 Additional Employment Projects developed under Employment Services
 2013 Consolidation of the entities were formed under Inclusions East as the umbrella in which the divisions of Kingswood Centre, Residential Services, Employment Services, Community Support and Alternative Options would fall under
2014 Opening of a Small Options Home under Residential Services
2015 Opening of another Small Options Home under Residential Service
2016 Residential Re-organization to allow for development of future residential programs and monitoring
2017 Development Officer advertised
2018 Further development of Community Support Program and Alternative Options